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We are delighted to announce a special power spot trading session to be delivered by David Assad, Director for Customer Solutions at EPEX Spot taking place at the 2020 Annual European Power Distribution & Transmission Systems Development Summit (Part of Power Europe 2020), taking place between the 30th of November and 2nd of December at the Carlo IV Hotel in Prague (Czech Republic).


The 3D Impact on Power Spot Trading

  • Decarbonisation: The impact of RES penetration in the spot power market.
  • Digitalisation: How automated trading facilitates management of versatile intraday markets.
  • Decentralisation: which new market actors and business models are emerging and how the power spot market evolution help them grow.

SpeakerDavid Assaad, Director for Customer Solutions


Due to popular demand from long-haul DSO/DNO, TSO and generator representatives unsure if they are able to travel, we are delighted to also provide a limited number of Digital/Webinar access passes to the 12th Annual European Power Strategy & Systems Development Summit, taking place between the 30th of November and 2nd of December at the Carlo IV Hotel in Prague (Czech Republic).

Attend as a Virtual Attendee (Webinar/Online)

Includes all Presentations on Demand + Live & Interactive Discussions on the 1st & 2nd of December

*Webinar participants can upgrade to an in-person conference pass if they can attend in person later.

*100% credit refund guarantee (or transferable place) if an attendee is unable to attend for any reason.

Reserve to Attend the Power Europe in-Person in Prague

*100% credit refund guarantee (or transferable place) if an attendee is unable to attend for any reason.

Comprised of, distribution, transmission, generation and retail streamed summits and centered around the latest transmission, distribution, and generator projects being implemented, delegates have the invaluable opportunity to benchmark alongside the EU Commission, International Energy AgencyPower UtilitiesProject Developers and Investors from around the world while evaluating alternative approaches to overcoming the power sector's greatest challenges as it transitions to a low carbon, digitised and prosumer-engaged market place.


"The quality of speakers has been, outstanding once again!"
Luis Ferreira, Head of Energy Efficiency  & Electric Mobility,

EDP Distribuição 

Key Sessions at the Summit Also Include:


World Energy Report &  Recommendations | Covid-19 Crisis and New Energy Price Dynamics: The Implications for Power Utilities and Energy Systems

  • Analysis of the most up-to-date electricity data and possible scenarios within the context of a gradual post-Covid recovery.
  • Positioning the clean energy transition at the center of economic recovery and stimulus plans.
  • Ensuring electricity security and resilient energy systems as new norms are established.
  • The effect of geopolitical price wars between major oil producing nations.
  • Revised global energy demand forecasts, carbon pricing and fuel price dynamics.

Speaker: Brent Wanner, Head of Power Generation Analysis, World Energy Outlook: Energy Demand Division, International Energy Agency


Power Portfolio Asset Management - Achieving the European Energy Transition and Effectively Working Towards a Decarbonised Power System

  • Implementation of the necessary changes to the power generation portfolio structure over the medium to long-term.
  • Strategies for RES operators for keeping their installations running without government or national support schemes.
  • The role of Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and how will this be addressed as it increases in importance due to the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII).

Speaker:  Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Global Power Generation / Global Infrastructure and NetworksENEL CEOENEL Green Power


Enedis Flexibility Roadmap: Challenges and Successes to Move From Experiments to Embedment of Local Flexibilities in Operational Processes

A technical overview of the use of flexibility-enabling technologies and methods to enhance the energy transition and the performance of the distribution network

Speaker:  Hubert Dupin, Head of Flexibility Department, Smart Grids ProgramENEDIS


Energy Transition Impact on Power Sector Development and Investments (case study: Croatia).

  • Strategic overview of our energy and climate strategy (and green deal impact on planning in Croatia).
  • The focus of power sector infrastructure developments and investments up to 2030 (with new adaptations relating to green planning).
  • How to achieve the coupling of sectors via electrification as a major driver.

Speaker: Dr. Ivan Androcec, Head of Investment Strategy and New Technologies, 

Hrvatska Elektroprivreda - HEP


Meeting the Commitment to Deploy 2.5 Million Charging Spots by 2025

  • Embarking on the most significant period of growth in the midst of a revolution in transportation.
  • Investments in charging infrastructure to successfully usher in the future of e-mobility.
  • Impacts of cost reductions in key clean energy technologies.
  • Supporting a critical role in facilitating the transition to electric mobility and developing technology that enables cleaner transportation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Speaker: Christopher Burghardt, Managing Director for Europe, ChargePoint


Balancing Europe's National, Regional and EU-Wide Power System Throughout the Entire Value Chain | From Power Generators, Distributed Resources, TSOs, DSOs and Prosumers

  • Utilising new elements, methods and technologies to balance the electricity system from a national and regional scale.
  • Using EVs as a balancing mechanism using different European case studies and rollouts.
  • The evolving role of blockchain technology as a congestion management tool.

Speaker:  Jan Vorrink, Manager National Control Center, TENNET


Leveraging Electric Vehicles to the Boost Electrical Power System Flexibility | Case Study EDP Distribuição (Portugal)

  • How EVs and other distributed resources offer flexibility to the benefit of DSOs, TSOs and Suppliers.
  • Employing technical solutions and effective regulatory and commercial solutions that integrate the grid, the market and flexible assets.
  • EDP Distribuição case study solutions and architectures showcasing the harnessing of flexibility with appropriate solutions at multiple levels.
  • Case study results with charging pilots and the role of the DSO in EV charging.

Speaker:  Luís Tiago Brandão Ferreira,Technology & Innovation Department for Energy Efficiency and Electric Mobility, EDP Distribuição


New Technologies, Trends & Challenges in Facilitating Smart Homes and the E-Mobiliy Revolution

Enel X has progressively expanded its services by acquiring companies specialized in strategic sectors for the digitization of energy services, and by creating partnerships with companies from other industries such as automotive, home automation, ITC, and real estate. Enel X’s activity in the field of the electric mobility has led to the progressive installation of charging points throughout Italy.

Speaker:  Francesco Venturini,Chairman and CEO, Enel X


Corporate Sourcing of Renewable Energy: Market, Industry Trends, Business Models and Procurement Strategies

  • Using purchasing power to procure and generate electricity from renewable sources and create significant market pull.
  • The options and models available and what supportive public policies and programs are required to ensure that companies have easily accessible options to obtain renewable power greater corporate procurement.

SpeakerRuud Kempener, Policy Officer, Directorate General for Energy | European Commission


Leveraging Digitalisation to Make Electricity Distribution Systems Around the World More Connected, Intelligent, Efficient, Reliable and Sustainable

  • Leveraging digitalisation as the key to solve the upcoming challenges of the distribution network without compromising the safety, reliability and sustainability of energy systems.
  • Managing the change in the paradigm of energy flow given increasing generation embedded in the Distribution System.
  • Why implementing strong and resilient e-car smart charging infrastructure deserves such great effort in network planning.
  • Addressing data protection and cyber-security harmonization in Europe to ensure digital trust.

SpeakerDr. Guillermo Amann, Senior Advisor, Velatia


How to Deploy Smart Grid Applications to Combat Power Outages and Cut Network Losses

  • Implementing distributed control nodes to identify and isolate issues, enabling rapid response.
  • Incorporating automated problem identification  into the smart grid to reduce manpower and operational expenditure.
  • Utilising distributed intelligence to work across different platforms and devices to save
    implementation costs.

SpeakerMark Ossel, Member of the Board, OSGP Alliance


Can P2P Trading be the Next Non-Platform for Energy Trading?

  • Addressing the on going question for the power sector: to centralise or decentralise?
  • What blockchain technology can do for peer-to-peer trading models that can serve energy markets in local power generation, storage and demand response
  • Dealing with the regulatory implications and settlement processes based on the blockchain.
  • The implications for network and flexibility operators.

Speaker: Joanna (Jojo) Hubbard, COO, Electron


The Evolving Role of Prosumers Within Increasingly Flexible Energy Systems

  • Different types of prosumer models: households, communities, commercial industrial.
  • How are incentives changing (due to the EU's clean energy package and other trends).
  • The increasing role of flexibility in prosumer models.

Speaker:  Layla Sawyer, Business Analyst, smartEn (Smart Energy Europe)


Reverse Unbundling?  The Local Energy Communities Forcing Retail, Trading and the Grid to Work Together

  • The market dynamics leading towards a distributed energy market.
  • Example of real local energy community implementations.
  • Developing a common digital infrastructure across the value-chain.

SpeakerChristian Feisst, Chief Executive Officer, 

Greencom Networks AG


Power Market Developments, Resilience, New Technologies & Risks

  • Overview of the US power market and new regulatory developments
  • Utility scale power storage
  • Development and future requirements of bulk power systems
  • Cyber, physical security, and potential GMD and  EMP emergency
    management needs

SpeakerBrian Evans-Mongeon, CEO, Utility Services (USA)


Grid Operations Evolution – Next Generation Grid Operations (Session 2)

  • The evolving role of SCADA – SCADA as just being one function.
  • Modular design of operational systems – creating service oriented architectures.
  • Applications based grid operation – Grid operations platform – distributed functionality.

Speaker:  Bas Kruimer, Director for Intelligent Networks & Communication, DNV GL


State Aid and Antitrust Enforcement Actions in the Energy Sector

Speaker:  Paolo Chiricozzi, Head of Competition and State Aid, ENEL

Paulo is Head of Antitrust and State Aid and has managed the main competition cases of Enel Group during the last 20 years (Mergers, Joint Ventures, State Aid and Antitrust Cases). Most notably Paulo has led antitrust compliance programs worldwide for Enel Group in Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Russia).


How a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is Smartly Distributing, Controlling and Monitoring Distributed Assets to Ensure Stabilization of the Grid 

  • Selecting units in a VPP to provide ancillary services.
  • Enabling utilities and operators of decentralized energy resources to monitor the feed-in values of plants in real time.
  • Creating a win-win situation for the plant operator as well as the aggregator.
  • Entering the VPP business - The technology and economics.

Aleksandra Radwanska, International Business Development Manager, Next Kraftwerke GmbH


INDIA Power Market Update: Power & Smart Grids Overview | Energy Transition & Modernization

  • Overview: The third largest power system in the world with 300 million customers.
  • De-carbonization of the power system.
  • Smart Grid Initiatives (& smart metering).
  • De-carbonization of transport.
  • Energy Storage Systems Roadmap for India for the period till 2032.

Speaker: Reji Kumar Pillai, President, India Smart Grid Forum & Chairman,  Global Smart Grid Federation


European Power Sector Integration | Next Steps in Energy Transition

Speaker: Oliver Weinmann, Managing Director, Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH


Energy Efficiency as an Alternative Power

Speaker: Lada Strelnikova, Portfolio Manager Sustainable Investments at DWS, Lead investment Manager European Energy Efficiency FundDWS (Deutsche Bank Group)


Project Finance Structuring for Energy Utilities & Investors

Speaker: Andrew Doyle, Manager, Power & Renewables, Structured Finance Office for EMEA, MUFG Bank


Engaging in Europe's Evermore Flexible Energy Markets | The New Entrants and the Emerging Market Rules and Systems

Speaker: Michele Governatori, ProfessorUniversità degli Studi 'Suor Orsola Benincasa


Towards a Fossil-Free Energy System in 2050

Speaker: Stijn Carton, Project Manager, Energy Systems Programme, European Climate Foundation


New Energy Communities: Opportunities & Challenges for the Power System Utilities and Operators

Speaker: Diana Moneta, Senior Researcher, RSE | RICERCA SUL SISTEMA ENERGETICO SPA


XLPE/ PE Low Voltage Cable Solutions Making Distribution Networks More Cost-Effective and Sustainable

Speaker: Jaroslaw Zdrzalek, Value Chain Development Manager, Borealis



Case Study - Project cVPP - How Citizens and Communities are Becoming an Ever Increasing Part of Energy Transition

Speaker: Dr, Anna Wieckzoreck, Assistant Professor at the School of Innovation Sciences, Eindhoven University of Technology

General Key Areas of Discussion Addressed at Power Europe also Include:

  • Overview into European and global power generation, distribution, transmission and retail sector developments and the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on retail & industry demand.
  • Formulating strategies for commercial and technological development throughout the power value chain.
  • Bench-marking the portfolio and asset development strategy of major generators, DSOs and TSOs.
  • Application of artificial intelligence within the commercial development of the power value chain and the retail market.
  • Analysis of the growth, nature and trajectory of evolving Distributed Power Systems and local power communities.
  • IEA 2020 World Energy Outlook Summary and the Implications for the Power Sector.
  • Financing and risk/return profiles for conventional, renewable and new innovative Power Projects.
Reserve to Attend as a Virtual Attendee (Webinar Edition)
Reserve to Attend in Person in Prague

*Webinar participants can upgrade to an in-person conference pass if they can attend in person later.

*100% credit refund guarantee (or transferable place) if an attendee is unable to attend for any reason

View the Full Agenda & Event Programme

Annually participating organisations include:


"Power-Europe offers valuable insight of the sector's challenges by hands on experts. I leave the conference with many useful and valuable ideas"  DG Competition Antitrust Energy & Environment, European Commission 

I am on hand to assist you in examining ways to involve you and your  colleagues within the 2020 Summit proceedings. For any 2020 physical or webinar attendance, speaking, sponsorship or exhibiting opportunities please feel free to contact me by return email or calling the event management team on +357 99810833.

Best regards,


"Extremely useful to be informed of the current situation in European energy markets, the return on capital investments, electricity pricing structure and market design"

Head of Financial Planning, NP Market Council

Anna Ivkova

Production Manager | Power Europe

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